What are you paying for ?

//What are you paying for ?
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What are you paying for ?


Generally included your booking gulet holiday curise.

  • Hire of boat and all equipment.
  • Fuel for an average of 4 hours cruising per day plus all generator use.( all generator use = a/c available 24 hours / day?)
  • Crew and service ( includes Salaries )
  • Cruising taxes and public harbour dues in Turkish waters.


Generally not included your booking gulet holiday curise.

  • Food : Food supplies for all aboard. The food is ordered separately according to your own preferences, then the cook and crew will prepare meals on the cruise from the provisioning order. All alcohol, juices and soft drinks, and water. These are purchased according to order.
  • Some boats included food and drinks on an all board basis: All food and beverages on an all inclusive basis, (breakfast, lunch and dinner each day plus between meal snacks) Drinks included consist of all soft drinks, local (Turkish brand) alcohol- including wines, beers and spirits/liquors. Imported wines, champagnes, spirits/liquors are then not included- are purchased on order.


Generally other not included your booking gulet holiday curise.

  • Cruising taxes, customs formalities, harbour and marina berthing dues outside Country waters.
  • Jetski hire, and fuel for motorsports.
  • The cost of transfers to/ from the boat, at the beginning and of the charter, and during.
  • Land tours, and meals ashore during the course of the charter.
  • VAT where applicable.
  • Crew Gratuities.