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Gulet Cruise : The greatest adventure on sea

The greatest adventure on sea

No matter how far inland we live, there’s something about the sea that calls to us. It’s wide. It’s deep. It’s blue. It’s a canvas upon which we can paint adventures we otherwise can’t do on dry land. Okay, so you probably don’t have your own private yacht waiting to spirit you away to distant shores. But we do. Plenty of ‘em. Climb aboard and explore the Greek Islands, the Ionian sea, Turkey, the Adriatic and other exotic places with a small group of fellow adventurers and a skipper who knows your destination’s every isolated cove, pristine beach, and secluded coastal village. Billions of years ago, we emerged from the sea.

Isn’t it time you went back?

Gulet Cruise : Water based holidays

Water based holidays

Gulets are classic sailing boats, perfect for exploring beautiful coast of Turkey, Greece and Croatia. Guests receive a high level of service, and a captain with his crew are always on hand from the moment you board. Every gulet is unique in style and design. The cuisine is Mediterranean in flavor and cooked from fresh local produce by the skilled onboard chef. Life has an intimate and relaxed atmosfere all while enjoying a breath taking view across the bay. Its a nice way to see the coastline. You wouldn’t see any of this form land.

You wouldn’t see any of this form land.

Gulet Cruise : Relax and Enjoy

Relax and Enjoy!

Expect: Beautiful Sea, Great Food, Great Company. Gulet holidays are the epitome of luxury travel. Relax on your private, fully staffed boat and enjoy the beauty of Turkey, Greece and Croatia from the sea. Excellent cuisine, private bays to moor in and a swim off the boat to refresh yourself! Our stylish cruises through the spectacular Islands of Greece, Tureky and Croatia are unforgettable journeys of exploration and discovery, the experience of a lifetime. If what you are looking for is a holiday that offers both delightful relaxation and stimulating fascination, discovering the ancient sites and the welcoming harbours of Greece, Turkey and Croatia, then our Gulet Cruises in Turkey, Greece or Croatia will be perfect for you.

Sea travel brings the world’s remote corners closer. A lot of beaches can only be reached by sea.

Gulet Cruise : Life at Sea

Life at Sea

When you travel by Gulet, your hotel room goes wherever you do. Gulets vary in make and size depending on where you’re headed, but each one is perfectly suited for the waters it sails. The best part: The view outside your porthole changes every day, but you only unpack once.

The experience of a lifetime.

Gulet Cruise : Adventuresome Days

Adventuresome Days

Squeeze the most adventure out of every stop. With no fixed itineraries, you’re free to explore on your own terms and at your own pace. Each stop will bring you to great bays with beautiful water, restaurants, scenery, lively entertainment and closer to the culture as it’s lived everyday.

What to do is up to you.

Gulet Cruise : Relaxing nights

Relaxing nights

By night, Gulets anchor in the most beautiful bays and picturesque harbours you’ll find. Sleep in your bunk or camp out on the deck under a blanket of Mediterranean stars.

The choice is yours.

Gulet Cruise : Mediterranean cuisine

Mediterranean cuisine

The cuisine is Mediterranean in flavor and cooked from fresh local produce by the skilled onboard chef.

You will enjoy every slice.

Gulet Cruise : Breakfast on the sea

Breakfast on the sea

Breakfast with a view.

Should we add some more here?

Gulet Cruise : Great Crew

Great Crew

Your skipper will share the hidden gems and help you explore the local side of the islands and ports we visit. Our skippers are fully licensed professional sailors with deep and comprehensive knowledge of the local waters and customs. Gulet is a pleasure boat. Lounge it up and let your shipmates do all the work.

Crew will take care of your every need.

Europe’s best-kept secret.


Shielded from inland eyes by the sweeping Dinaric Alps, the rolling coastline is speckled with pristine beaches, green slopes and some of the most charming towns and cities Europe has to offer (which is really saying something). Rugged beauty abounds on the Dalmatian Coast. Come find this underexplored paradise before word gets around.

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